What is Optical Mark Reading (OMR)?

OMR is a data capture process in which a document is passed through and scanned by a reading machine, and pen or pencil marks on the document (normally in a precisely-positioned ‘bubble’) are picked up, interpreted and stored digitally.

For example, the mark can stand for numbers (1, 2, 3 …), letters (A, B, C …) and words or phrases (Yes, No, Strongly Agree …). A well-known example of OMR scanning is for checking the selected numbers on a lottery ticket.

OMR is the most accurate method of collecting data from forms available. For example, it is used throughout the world in high-stakes situations such as multiple choice tests and examinations because of its speed and accuracy.

OMR is cost effective if data is to be collected from about 250 forms or more. Talk to us about how we can save you money for your next survey or other data capture project — see our contact details.

OMR forms design and printing

OMR is ideal for such requirements as surveys, menus, multiple choice answer sheets and timesheets. We have over 25 years experience in the exacting processes of OMR forms design and printing, and have developed an efficient system for producing and delivering on time your OMR form to the necessary highest standards.

Survey questionnaire design and development

We can help you develop your survey from the word go. Once you decide on the need for a survey, talk with us. We can help in such areas as the following.

  • What is the aim of the survey?
  • What information do you need to assist your future decision making?
  • What sort of questions (eg, opinion, collation, demographic; objective response, short response, extended response) are best to obtain the required information?
  • What is the best wording for questions?
  • What demographic groups should be identified and can be used for subsequent analysis?
  • What questions aren’t needed?

We can take your good ideas and turn them into excellent survey instruments.

Survey distribution and collection

Take the hassle out of large-scale survey distribution and collection. Let us handle that. Or, you can distribute your survey through your normal channels and we can act as the independent collection agency.

Data capture, analysis and reporting

Data capture

Our scanners can process forms at up to 10,000 sheets per hour. This makes OMR scanning the fastest, most accurate and cost effective way of capturing large amounts of data.

Data analysis

We have sophisticated survey and test analysis tools. These can be used by us, or by you if you would like to purchase them, to produce informative analysis outputs which provide you with the information you want for relevant decision making. And, even if your survey has been deployed and data collected via another medium, such as via a Web-based application, we can provide the same sort of analyses using the same tools.

Sample output from analysis software application, OpinionMonitor


We can provide written reports on your survey outcomes, using our highly experienced evaluation expertise. Such reports can also include analysis of short written and extended response questions.  

OMR applications

OMR solutions are suitable for any organisation that wants to collect and process data in the most accurate, prompt and cost effective way. Here are some applications for OMR.

Education and training

  • Tests and learning assessments
  • Instructor performance
  • Subject selection
  • Enrolments and tracking
  • Attendance/roll marking
  • Employee inservices
  • Student profiles and documentation


  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Medical histories and patient forms
  • Patient needs and risk assessment
  • Nurse staffing reports
  • Family day care
  • Meals-on-wheels menus

Research and evaluation

  • Opinion surveys
  • Product research
  • Program evaluations
  • Competitive data collection Human Resources
  • Payroll and timesheets
  • Applicant tracking
  • Employee satisfaction surveys

OMR scanner and software sales and service

Scantron equipment

If your needs are ongoing, you may be best served by purchasing your own premium quality OMR scanner and accompanying software. We can help you choose the right scanner for your needs. We’ll help you set it up, and train and support your staff in using both the hardware and software. Scantron are leaders in quality scanning equipment, and their equipment has been created for a wide range of needs. Scantron scanners are accurate, fast and easy to operate — they do not require constant attention and maintenance. Program the task and leave your Scantron scanner to do its work as the scanner has self-diagnosis mechanisms that pinpoint and adjust operating problems. Scantron scanners are superior because they have multiple data collection capabilities. Possible features:

  • Combine OMR and image capture technology.
  • Read traditional OMR ‘bubble’ marks.
  • Capture image clips of text areas or text boxes, such as essay responses on a test or comment fields on a survey.
  • Capture full page images.
  • Capture and convert written information, such as name, address and identity numbers, into digital information with intelligent character recognition (ICR) technology.
  • Read both pen and pencil marks on forms.
  • Read checkbox responses, X responses and bar codes.
  • Compatibility with most existing imaging applications using the included TWAIN driver.

Software options

  • For those who want to develop their own surveys and forms, with our terrific and easy-to-use design and print software, you can add logos, images and change colour and fonts. You can also merge your databases onto your designed form to provide individualised response forms, and customise each form design to suit individual audiences.
  • For those who want to undertake their own data analysis, we also provide software for survey and test analyses.
  • Our software options are versatile, easy to use and suit a huge range of organisational needs.

    Post sales services

    When you purchase equipment or software from us we provide ongoing support. We are there to help you!