About Us

Ducat Scanning Services has been an independent OMR scanning solutions business since 1995. Its Managing Director is Alan Brown, who has worked in the printing, scanning and forms development and design fields for over 40 years.

Ducat Scanning Services operates in conjunction Scantron scanning equipment and software. For detailed information about Scantron scanners and software, go to www.scantron.com


Survey design, printing, distribution and collection

We can design, print, distribute and collect your questionnaires or surveys, using our fast, accurate and professional in-house services. 

Multiple Choice Tests

We can provide a wide range of scannable Multiple Choice Answer Sheets, Scanning equipments and Softwares. 


What is OMR?

What you want to know about OMR.


OMR scanner & software sale and service

We supply and service the latest OMR hardware and software solutions if your needs require your own on-site scanning capability. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

Data capture, analysis and reporting

Use our OMR data collection, data analysis and reporting services. Rapid, cost-effective, accurate and informative.

OMR Applications

If you have substantial amounts of data that needs to be captured consistently or frequently, we can help you. Save labour and get required data fast and accurately.