OMR Scanner and software sales

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       iNSIGHT 4ES OMR and Image Scanner

Scantron equipment 

If your needs are ongoing, you may be best served by purchasing your own premium quality OMR scanner and accompanying software. We can help you choose the right scanner for your needs. We’ll help you set it up, and train and support your staff in using both the hardware and software. Scantron are leaders in quality scanning equipment, and their equipment has been created for a wide range of needs. Scantron scanners are accurate, fast and easy to operate — they do not require constant attention and maintenance. Program the task and leave your Scantron scanner to do its work as the scanner has self-diagnosis mechanisms that pinpoint and adjust operating problems. Scantron scanners are superior because they have multiple data collection capabilities. Possible features:

  • Combine OMR and image capture technology.
  • Read traditional OMR ‘bubble’ marks.
  • Capture image clips of text areas or text boxes, such as essay responses on a test or comment fields on a survey.
  • Capture full page images.
  • Capture and convert written information, such as name, address and identity numbers, into digital information with intelligent character recognition (ICR) technology.
  • Read both pen and pencil marks on forms.
  • Read checkbox responses, X responses and bar codes.
  • Compatibility with most existing imaging applications using the included TWAIN driver.
For more information about Scantron visit the website:

Software options

  • For those who want to develop their own surveys and forms, with our terrific and easy-to-use design and print software, you can add logos, images and change colour and fonts. You can also merge your databases onto your designed form to provide individualised response forms, and customise each form design to suit individual audiences.
  • For those who want to undertake their own data analysis, we also provide software for survey and test analyses.

Our software options are versatile, easy to use and suit a huge range of organisational needs.

Post sales services

When you purchase equipment or software from us we provide ongoing support. We are there to help you!

Survey design, printing, distribution and collection

We can design, print, distribute and collect your questionnaires or surveys, using our fast, accurate and professional in-house services. 

Multiple Choice Tests

We can provide a wide range of scannable Multiple Choice Answer Sheets, Scanning equipments and Softwares. 


What is OMR?

What you want to know about OMR.


OMR Forms design and printing

Your survey designed and printed here. Experience Survey design and printing that's fast, accurate and professional.

OMR stands for Optical Mark Reading. It is cost effective for processing over 250 forms. A typical scanner can scan between 2000 and 10 000 forms per hour.

OMR scanner & software sale and service

We supply and service the latest OMR hardware and software solutions if your needs require your own on-site scanning capability. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

Data capture, analysis and reporting

Use our OMR data collection, data analysis and reporting services. Rapid, cost-effective, accurate and informative.

OMR Applications

If you have substantial amounts of data that needs to be captured consistently or frequently, we can help you. Save labour and get required data fast and accurately.