What is Optical Mark Reading (OMR)?

OMR is a data capture process in which a document is passed through and scanned by a reading machine, and pen or pencil marks on the document (normally in a precisely-positioned ‘bubble’) are picked up, interpreted and stored digitally.

For example, the mark can stand for numbers (1, 2, 3 …), letters (A, B, C …) and words or phrases (Yes, No, Strongly Agree …). A well-known example of OMR scanning is for checking the selected numbers on a lottery ticket.

OMR is the most accurate method of collecting data from forms available. For example, it is used throughout the world in high-stakes situations such as multiple choice tests and examinations because of its speed and accuracy.

OMR is cost effective if data is to be collected from about 250 forms or more. Talk to us about how we can save you money for your next survey or other data capture project — see our contact details.