Survey Design, Printing, Distribution and Collection

Survey design and printing 

Ducat provides you a first class and efficient service from survey designing, printing, distribution to data collection and analysis.   

We can help you develop your survey from the word go. Our project manager will talk to you about the project and design of your survey. To help you develop the best suitable survey for your project, it would be great for us to understand the following information of your project:

  • What is the aim of the survey?
  • What information do you need to assist your future decision making?
  •   What sort of questions (eg, opinion, collation, demographic; objective response, short response, extended response) are best to obtain the required information?
  •   What is the best wording for questions?
  •   What demographic groups should be identified and can be used for subsequent analysis?
  •  What questions aren’t needed?

We can take your good ideas and turn them into excellent survey instruments.

When the survey design is completed, we’ll print them out at our printing factory.

Survey distribution and collection

Whether you have a small scale or a large scale survey project, Ducat provides you hassle-free survey distribution and data collection and analysis services. We will distribute the surveys to the destinations as required. 

On the completion on your survey, you just simply send them back to us. We will prepare (e.g. checking, cleaning the data) the survey for further data analysis using our OMR  scanning system. Or, you can distribute your survey through your normal channels and we can act as the independent collection agency.